“Good Water”

Looking for a refreshing summer drink?  This is our family favorite, and a favorite of mine because it’s easy to make, clear (meaning no stains) and because I can store most of the ingredients and make it in a pinch.

Good Water 2 Tb. citric acid 1 T lemon extract 3 cups sugar 5 quarts water 1/2 tsp. vanilla ice cubes sliced lemons and limes Mix together sugar, water, citric acid, lemon extract and vanilla until sugar is dissolved.  Add lemons, limes and ice cubes.  Serve and enjoy!

A note about the citric acid.  For many years I purchased it in the pharmacy section at a local grocery store but I found an online source for a better price.  If you buy it, it stores well and will last a long time.  I get mine here .


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