While we were in California I found myself drawn at every turn to the succulents planted everywhere.

This huge fountain on Balboa Island, planted with succulents was breathtaking.  Taller than I am, the sheer size of it was impressive.

I love the flower shapes of so many of them.

This huge round planter, also on Balboa Island, held the largest succulents I’ve ever seen.  They were more than 12 inches in diameter.  Gorgeous.

I thought the shape of these were so interesting.  The layers of growth form a square type flower.

I love the way these open.  They remind me of artichokes.

Perhaps the stars of the show came when I walked through Rogers Gardens near Fashion Island Mall.  There was a small hill covered with these succulents on thick stems standing a foot or two off the ground.  Their appearance reminded me of something you’d see in a Dr. Seuss book.  They’re unusual, but I really like them.

The yellow in these made them my favorite.  So whimsical and cheery!

Which is your favorite?

Hopeful Homemaker

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