Seven Heaven Birthday

I neglected to post about out little evening birthday party for my 3rd daughter last week.  I love seven year olds.  They’re helpful, sweet, teachable.  It’s an awesome year if you’ve got a 7 year old in your house.  After our early outdoor breakfast I let the children play while I baked the cake.  It was so sweet to watch my eight year old offer to french braid her sister’s hair on her birthday.  Lots of little things like that happened on her birthday which are precious for a mother to observe.

The highlight of our party was an outdoor movie projected on the side of the house.  We watched Ramona & Beezus which happens to be a movie I love.  It makes me laugh.  It was really fun and made us all wonder why we don’t do it more often (perhaps because this summer’s mosquitoes have been terrible).  Before the movie we had my brother, his girlfriend and her daughter come over along with some neighbors for cake and ice cream.

She also requested lasagna, which didn’t sound like much fun to make on a hot August night.  I wondered if I could somehow make individual lasagnas in my muffin tin and what do you know but a quick google search yielded plenty of people already doing it.  I got some pointers from those ideas and whipped some up.  They were delicious (recipe to come).

We also served a special treat:  Marionberry licorice, her favorite.

The cake turned out beautifully.  It’s the first birthday cake I’ve ever made that I really feel proud of.  (I’m not good at birthday cakes but would like to be.)

Everything about the cake was made according to her request and I think she liked the final product.

It’s hard to believe this sweet girl is already seven.  I can still remember so clearly having her crawl around my house as a baby.  One of my favorite pictures of her is her standing on our front porch the day she turned 3.  It’s true that time speeds up with each child and I am reminded that there are still many moments for me to catch and hold on to a little longer.  I don’t want to miss any of this.  I love her so much.

And I still adore her freckles .  It was a happy birthday in so many ways.


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