I want to remember…

this little girl at this point in her life.

She’s a bundle of emotions, switching from blissfully happy to sad and moping with almost no provocation.  If she’s happy she’s the most kind, helpful, thoughtful child.  If she’s sad and mad, well, I’ll let your imagination supply the rest.

She collects things.  She collects things in bags, boxes, purses, boxes, anything that can be used as a container.  If something is missing in the house, we check that day’s container first.

She loves to sing and dance.  She loves to play games.  She loves to look pretty.  And she loves to change clothes.  She love to eat fruits and vegetables.

She says some amazingly insightful things, and every once in a while I think she could probably run the house on her own.

She’s tired of picking up her younger brother from kindergarten already.

And she says the cutest thing when she’s trying to ask nicely for something:
“Can I may please have…..”

I love that phrase.  “Can I may please?”  I want to remember it.

She’s turning four in a couple of months.  Can I may please keep her three a little longer?


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