Halloween Glitches

I suppose it must be asking too much for a two year old girl to make it through a day like Halloween with her hair done and without indulging in a little self-applied makeup session.

And apparently it is far too much to ask that same two year old to put her costume on when the family goes trick-or-treating, so she went like this.  Her costume was her makeup and her squeaky shoes.  If only I’d paused long enough to take a picture of her at 9 a.m. when we left to help with the kindergarten party.  She looked adorable in her little clown costume, so sweet and innocent.

And then there’s this blank stare she’s giving me in these pictures.

That’s because she had just finished a little drawing spree… with a permanent marker…  this is what I saw first:

Then I started looking around and noticed black graffiti on the white walls, on the white couch, and all over the side of the above piece of furniture.  Oh, and the sheet music for my son’s piano recital?  Don’t worry, she got that too.  And don’t worry, it’s just a piece of music that his piano teacher wrote… I’m praying she has another copy.

If only I could figure out how she finds things like permanent markers, and how to get the big kids to take me seriously and put them away properly, and how to entice her to choose different activities….  Why on earth does she have an aversion to the coloring books and crayons in the other room?

Good thing we love her so much.

I hope your Halloween was enjoyable, and that it didn’t involve strange encounters with mascara or any blunders with permanent markers.

Hopeful Homemaker

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