Love her sense of humor

I was helping my second grader with her math this week when I turned away for a minute to help another child.  I came back to move on to the next problem and found my daughter focused on her paper, chuckling quietly to herself.

When she finished writing, she said, “Mom, listen to this!” and read me her answer.  It was so cute and funny that I had to take a picture.  (Please forgive the terrible lighting.)

She was working on problem #5.

And here is her answer:

The spelling errors are as funny as the answer itself.  Here’s the translation:

“East two blocks then turn south one block”  [I’ll insert here that the problem was technically complete at this point and what follows is her extra bit of info that got both of us laughing] “then turn east then look for a drive way with a b on it, then you are there.”

The idea of a house with a big “B” on the driveway was so funny to her.  And I’ll admit that after she was in bed I sat down with my husband and oldest two children and we all got a good laugh out of both the answer and the spelling.  She’s a cutie.  I love that girl so much!


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