Playing with glue and ink…

My little Christmas project got me excited about gluing cabochons to everyday objects and I’ve wanted to do it again.  Recently I found more flowers as well as some bobby pins with glue plates on them.  My daughter’s friend was being baptized so I tried my hand at a pair of hair pins, hoping it would make a simple but cute and useful gift.

A couple of months ago I experimented with my letter press supplies and made a bunch of these little cards with green chevron stripes on them, then had no clue what to use them for.  I set them aside and after the glue dried on the pins I noticed the cards and wondered how they would look together.  A couple of tiny holes were punched, the pins inserted, and another chevron gift bag was retrieved.

I think they turned out great!  I love the purple and green together, and a cute card made the pins look more like a gift.  The entire gift cost me less than $1.00 and I’m so pleased with how the package came together.

Wouldn’t this be a great idea for party favors at a birthday party, Christmas gifts for friends, or even an activity for girls to do together?  I think we’re going to be making more of them, and soon!


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