They’re off!

It has begun.  They got up, put on uniforms, donned backpacks and smiles.  We cooked a yummy breakfast, laughed, prayed and took some pictures.  As we stood for prayer I thought about how nice it was to have my husband standing on both legs again.  It gave me a sense of normalcy that has been scarce around here.  And then they drove away with their Dad to start another adventure.  After they left I sat outside on my back porch to read my scriptures and enjoy the cool air and sounds of the sprinklers in nearby yards.

They’re all a little nervous, some more than others.  One has been in tears off and on since Thursday.  I remind myself how resilient children are, how quickly they adapt to new rules and new settings and I feel confident that all will turn out well.

I purchased these little wood “conversation bubbles” a while ago from Pick Your Plum and they’ve been sitting in my pile of things to paint for months.  They got a few coats of chalkboard paint over the weekend and at last they’re in use!

I hope we have a lot of fun with them in coming months.  Someone was already enjoying them this morning:

I’m not sure if he is crazy nervous about first grade, or if he was just in an obnoxious mood, but this little guy was full of yelling and goofy all morning.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for him.  First grade is such a big deal, bringing a lot of exhaustion up front as their little bodies adjust to such long days.

We’re off for orientation at the high school and a long list of things to take care of.  It’s going to be a great year!


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