All Sorts of Fun

I can’t believe another week is almost gone, and me not popping in even once… again!  So much is going on I just don’t seem to sit still long enough to chronicle anything, and when I’m ready to do it one of my teenagers is usually borrowing my laptop for a homework assignment.  I’ve got a quilt to share, some recipes I’ve tried recently, a few books to talk about, and some around the house items, all that I intended to post about in October!   Last night I was sure I’d post something, but I fell asleep on the couch with the computer on my lap.  Oh well.

We’re trying to soak in the season as much as possible.  Last week’s snowstorm caused most nearby trees to shed their leaves in a hurry.  Our neighbors have the best trees ever and right now they’re the crunchiest leaves you ever walked through.  It makes me happy.  The children are drawn to them every chance they get.  I am grateful for these last warm days when the children can breeze in and out of the house without a production.  No coats, boots, hats or mittens strewn all over the place, and no melting snow on the floor.   Just leaves and lots of laughter!

One great lesson that children offer us is the reminder that much of happiness is found in the moment.  When I let their enthusiasm draw me in, I find that I am laughing with them and we all benefit.  I am so thankful to be a mother!

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