I spent the first half of my day scrubbing egg off the front of my house, and porch, and garage, etc. Feeling a little bit picked on, wondering why people do things like that, why it is that I get to be the one whose day is hijacked by someone else’s 3 minutes of “fun.”   The disgusting smell of egg, stacked on top of three days spent at hospitals and doctor’s offices for injuries and surgery pre-op appointments, broken air conditioning, all causing a week gone haywire, I was managing a pretty decent pity party.

Until I saw this beautiful lily opening up.  The bright yellow, the memory of how it came to be planted there, the perfection of it, softened my heart and I remembered what a pleasant thing it is to be outdoors in the mornings.  And then the lily made me remember the One who has been cleaning up after me, after all of us, every day of my life.  I began to wonder about times when my brief (or not so brief) lapses in judgment and performance cause Him additional pain and effort.  Pity fled and gratitude swept in to take it’s place.


We’ve been out of town for a soccer tournament and a family reunion.  It’s fun to come home and see what’s changed.  The bees are hard at work in my lavender and I love it.  Time to begin the harvest.  Another blessing.


Small things.  Regardless of the annoyances that mortality throws at me, even when it feels like the load is out of balance, I’m happy to be here.  Home is such a comforting place.

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