Prosper Quilt Pattern + new quilt top

Once upon a time (or, nearly five years ago) I found a vintage quilt block that struck a chord with me.  That tiny image – called the prosperity block – became a project.  I eliminated y-seams and enlarged the block, sewed it all together and shipped my new quilt design off to Quilty Magazine.  To my complete surprise it ended up on the cover and I was elated.  Almost immediately followed a challenge in our family that rocked us and my creativity just dried up.  I couldn’t sew for months.  And so I never wrote my own pattern for the quilt.  Until now.  The Prosper Quilt Pattern is here !

In these photos I have remade the quilt using fabrics from Conservatory by Anna Maria Horner, chapter one release.  I wanted everything fresh in my mind while writing the pattern and using these three small collections was a great challenge for me.  These backlit photos create a lovely stained glass feeling that fits the mood of the Conservatory fabrics.

The Prosper Quilt Pattern is available for download in my Etsy shop.  When Quilty wrote the pattern for the magazine, they changed the fabric requirements.  I have kept my original requirements, making this a fat quarter friendly quilt.  Fabric cutting must be done carefully but I’ve made several of these and have always had success with fat quarters.  I named this pattern Prosper as well, one more way to preserve the vision and intent of my original design .

The blocks are gorgeous and so much fun to make.  The original quilt can be viewed here , and this is an all-solids version with different background colors .  I doubled the block size to make this barn style version and I’m working on a Christmas version that I’ll share soon.  The Prosper Quilt pattern is perfect for any style.  Purchase yours today!


  • When I read this post, I thought “I remember that pattern and I never made it”. It certaintly did make me run out and buy the Quitly magazine. Oh, how I miss that magazine. Beautiful pattern, and I love your new versions.

  • jennifer

    Thanks Teri! Quilty was a great magazine, I miss it too. If you ever make one I’d love to see photos!

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