Felt Rosette Pomander

While going through my felt for this project, I discovered some red felt in my stash and couldn’t help making a bunch of flowers with it.  I got out a styrofoam ball I had on hand and decided to see how long it would take me to cover it with red felt rosettes.   This was a fun and easy project.

Here’s what you need to make one:

Mine was a four inch diameter ball.  I used about a quarter yard of felt, or approximately 45 rosettes to cover my ball.  The circles I started with ( using this tutorial ) were about 2.5 to 3 inches across.  In addition to the ball, felt, and a glue gun, I also used a length of ribbon to hang it, four little faux suede leaves cut from May Arts ribbon (you can find some here if you’re interested), a straight pin and some little pearl beads.

To begin, I arranged the four leaves and the ribbon to attach to the top of the ball:

Then I stuck a straight pin through all of it.

A drop of hot glue on the foam ball and then I stuck the pin down into it to hold the ribbon and leaves in place.  My reason for adding the leaves was to have more than just a white ribbon sticking out of the top of the ball.

Then simply start rolling up the flowers (again, you can find a tutorial for that here ) and gluing them to the ball.  I started by attaching the first rosettes right next to the ribbon.

The first four flowers surrounded the ribbon, creating the top I wanted.  I love how the green leaves stick up like the top of a strawberry.

Just keep rolling and gluing until the ball is covered with flowers.

Then, if you wish, glue a small pearl in the center of each flower.

This ball ended up being about 6 inches in diameter when I finished it, so it’s a good-sized ornament or decoration.  It’s also my first Christmas project of 2011, and I’m excited to decorate!

Tell me, do you decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend, before Thanksgiving, or do you wait till December to deck the halls?

Have a great day!

Felt Rosette Tutorial

I have my sister to thank for getting my mental gears turning regarding felt and flowers.  She posted pictures of this project and for some reason I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I’ve now created two holiday items using such flowers and before I share them with you I thought I’d do a quick tutorial that can be an easy reference.  Basically it’s the same as the book page rosettes I used to make this wreath and pomander I made last year, only made with felt.  Since the felt is thicker, this version is much faster.

So far the flowers I’m making have been relatively small, so I’ve started by cutting felt circles which are about 3 inches across.

Here is a possible source for your felt, a mossy green and antique white (Click the images to look at them)…

Moss Green Wool Felt Fabric

Antique White Felt Fabric

I’m going to add a clip to mine, so I also need a small felt circle cut.  In the larger circle, cut a spiral from the outer edge to the center of the circle.

Beginning with the outside end, carefully roll felt.

Continue rolling until you’re at the end of the felt.

Add some hot glue to the flower and fold the last bit of felt over the glue. (This is the back of the flower we’re looking at; the front is face down on my mat.)

If you want to add a leaf, dab more hot glue on one corner of the flower and attach it.  This is some faux suede May Arts leaf ribbon that I’m using (which I love).  You can order some here , make your own with felt, or do whatever you wish.

If you’re not using a clip with the flower, at this point you can glue it to whatever project you’re working on.

To add a clip to this rosette, take the second smaller felt circle and clip it inside the hair clip.  This will prevent the hot glue from making the clip stick together and become useless.  Add more hot glue to the bottom of the rosette and simply press it onto the hot glue.

Turn the flower right side up and add whatever detail you may wish to the center of the flower.

You’re done!  Up next:  see how I used these clips to make unique napkin rings for Thanksgiving dinner !

Hopeful Homemaker

$4 Chair Makeover

I bought this chair in April at the thrift store for $4.00.   The frame is a heavy duty metal one which means it will last for many years.   A few coats of white spray paint and new fabric have given it a fresh, modern look.

The fabric is an outdoor weight in a bright pink zebra stripe.  I had a leftover piece from another project and it worked perfectly.  I like the punch of color and pattern it offers to the simple chair.

Here’s the before:

And the after:

I think this chair will ultimately live in my daughter’s room when we make room for two beds in there.  For now we’ll use it wherever we need an extra seat.

Cost breakdown:
chair:  $4 paint:  $4 fabric:  stash Total cost for project:  $8.00 and less than 1 hour.   Success!


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