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  • Mary Bradfield

    I’ve been making a log cabin quilt using the Moda “french General Lumiere de Noel” jelly roll. I’ve got to my last square and I’ve run out of the dark strips in this roll. I only need about four strips in the dark colours and i have no idea where I can purchase this as it isn’t worth me buying a complete roll for that amount. I would be really grateful if you could help me as I can’t finish my quilt without it. I don’t mind what dark pattern it is, I’ve seen the fabric on your website.
    Thank you,
    Mary Bradfield

  • Stacy

    The red and white quilt is so pretty, may I ask what fabric did you use?

  • jennifer

    If you’re talking about the hunter’s star quilt, it was just a rich turkey red from my stash. I compared it to my Kona Cotton swatch card and their color 352, Ruby is really close. I don’t know what color it would match best in the Moda solids, but you could probably find something. I’m glad you like the quilt. Thanks, and good luck!

  • Jen west

    Do you or would you consider selling quilts? Can you email me thanks

  • Carrie

    Hi Jennifer, I just happened to stumble across your blog today. Your recipes sound delicious and your quilts are gorgeous! How do you find the time to make so many with 8 kids? I just started my first baby quilt for my first son while pregnant with him (he is almost 3 months now) and I’m hoping to finish it soon.

  • Hi! I hit on an old post of yours about the lovely old, green Adam pattern Warwick china you scored at a garage sale. (Yes! I do have favorite old china patterns — several favorites) And since you asked, I thought you might be pleased to hear — we have two dinner plates with a monogram ‘A’ that are going into an online auction within the week. I bet they’ll sell really cheap.

    Researching these is how I came upon your blog. I think we have a lot in common, you and I. /:)

  • LouAnn Hance

    Hi, my niece loves the Elsie quilt. She is due in Oct. of this year. Do you happen to remember what size squares you used ? Thanks.

  • Mrs. Rosemary Harding

    Hi Jennifer I just love your red and white quilt, I am in the early stages of making one myself. Of light purple and muilt colour flowers of purple.
    I wanted to make one just using two colours.
    I just put in hunters star quilt and then I found yours. Thank you once again for letting us all see your quilts
    Some time ago now I thought it would be a good idea to make a quilt.
    Then I got the idea to make one for all my children. But it has not stopped here I have made one for my grandson then it has been that every one wants one.
    I was making a quilt using little girls dresses. I showed to my neighbour and she wanted to buy it which was good. She loves it , it was roses and hearts with white back ground.
    I will let you know how I get on making my hunters qquilt.
    May the God of heaven bless you and your family.
    Rosemary. X x x

  • Sue Sayers

    Can you give me the amounts of material I would need for the Lone star

  • Marsha

    How did you enlarge the swoon block to make it a whole quilt? Do you have measurements?

  • Jane Burke

    Good morning Jennifer. I just discovered your blog this morning while browsing Pinterest (my latest addition). Your quilts are fabulous and your colour (yes, I’m Canadian) sense is outstanding. I’ve been quilting for 15 years and have made everything from bed quilts to soup koosies. I recently had the privilege to finish a quilt for a 96 year old friend of mine. She started her Dresden plate for her son about 40 years ago and had 14 plates constructed. Knowing her son, I changed the background colour to blue and finished the quilt.
    Keep up the great work because it’s inspiration for all of us.

  • Starla Billington

    I would like the pattern to your Fireworks quilt. 🙂

  • Marcia

    Hi Jennifer, I am new to this and don’t understand how to make the block bigger. I want to have a finished 12 inch finished sized block. How do I resize your instructions for the 10″block? Your scrappy quilt is great. I am doing a 2 colour design.

    Many thanks

  • Marcia

    Hi Jennifer, I am from the land of Downunder, and I am wondering where I might be able to find the patter for your Wishing Well quilt. It is stunning.
    Many thanks.marcia

  • Gayle Stephens

    I have just bought a book about doing Lone Star patterns and the instructions seemed so very complicated, but yours make it all as clear as day. Thank you.

  • Pamela Gillespie

    I have followed your tutorial on the Lone Star Block and have hit a road block. When sewing in the first background square, I turned it as instructed and sewed, but got a huge pucker in the corner. Can you help me with any advice? Thank you!! Pamela

  • I have a Sunbonnet Kate Greenaway table cloth with children dancing.. It is in very good condition. I have kept it about 15 years never used it. Always love to take out and look at it. The colors are beautiful and just pulled it out. I only looked a bit and so far no stains or rips.

  • Juanita Mac Naught

    I understand there are patterns for shamrocks and other shapes. Are these yours and how much are they? Have my heat one done except the quilting. Had to modify pattern to make it larger then your pattern.. I have an over size Queen and mine need to be 96 x 96 or larger. So 99% of the patterns have to be modified.

  • Janice spencer

    Trying to find a way to follow your blog. Probably right in front of me. Love the fireworks pattern.

  • Juleen Jaeger

    Please tell me what pattern you used to make your red and white Hunter’s star quilt. I’ve seen it numerous times but have never been able to find the pattern. If you can help please let me know! Thanks so much. Yours is so lovely!

  • Barbara Quain

    For the Lone Star block, do you have printed directions? I did not see anywhere on the tutorial a place to print.

  • Lisa Enos

    you have a wonderful looking family God bless you all and you have a wonderful sight I learnt so much

  • Janie

    Hi Jennifer,
    I stumbled onto your blog after finding a picture of beautiful quilt you did, Prosper in Solids. I assume that the name you gave the quilt, but would love to know the name of the pattern. Thanks so much!

  • jennifer

    Thank you for your interest in my Prosper quilt! The quilt is my own design, and I am currently writing the pattern. It will be available very soon, and you will be the first person I notify! Thanks so much.

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