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I had a funny thing happen to me last week.  I had a few minutes before I needed to pick up from kindergarten, so I took my two littlest with me for a quick scan of the thrift store.  I have learned to trust my instincts regarding lines, proportions and overall style so it only takes me about 5 minutes to walk the entire “as is” part of the store and see if there’s anything fabulous available.

I found a little old settee that had potential.  I liked the size and shape.  The condition is a little under what I would hope, but the price was good:  $30.  I can’t even buy a new dish for that anymore!  My thought was of my bedroom.  When we built our house, we skipped most upgrades, but did add a fireplace to the master suite.  I’ve got two old wicker chairs in there, but my husband hates them (and I’ll admit they’re not very comfortable) so we never sit in that area.  I’ve been wanting to find a better option, and at this price I can take a risk.  So I bought it.  Here it is:


In the next few days it will be slipcovered in white fabric, sitting in front of my fireplace.  Watch for the final product!

Oh, and here’s the funny thing about this whole story.
At our store, in order to buy a larger item, you find an employee and fill out a little “sold” tag that has your name and phone number on it.  They tape one copy of it to the item and you take the other copy to the register.  After you pay for the item, you go back, show them your receipt number, and they pull the piece to store in the back, where you go to pick it up.

Apparently, while I was in line at the register, another woman decided she wanted the settee.  She wrote down my name and number and spent the rest of the day calling me to see if I would sell it to her.  I got home later in the afternoon and had the funny experience of someone begging me for a beat up old thing I’d purchased from the thrift store!  I had to chuckle a little bit.

And, by the way, I told her if I hate it she can have it.  But I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it.  I suppose there’s nothing that will boost your confidence in your thrift store shopping taste than having someone track you down like that.  Ha Ha!

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  • I really like this settee and am so glad that you’re going to slipcover it instead of recovering it. At a later time you might decide to steam clean it and put it in a retro setting, which would be perfect. Sometimes I see lovely old pieces with really crummy and not-a-good-fit re-upholstery and it just feels like “ouch”. White slipcovers will be nice. Great purchase!

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