Soccer Saturday

We’ve had five soccer players at our house this year.

Yes, five.

It’s been very busy, to say the least.  Now, I have friends whose commitment to soccer is far greater than mine.
But they’re not hauling babies to all the games with them.
It means a lot of shin guards, a lot of uniforms to keep track of, cleats everywhere, soccer balls all over our property, water bottles galore, and logistical nightmares every week when we’ve had 4 practices and 1 game at the exact same time in 4 different cities.

I’m tired.


when I get to a game, take a deep breath and relax, I think “I love this.”


I love the early morning or late evening sun as it plays across the field, the brightly colored uniforms against the green of the grass, the cool spring breeze that makes it all so pleasant.


And I love cheering for my kids as I watch them push themselves and perform well.

It really is a great way to spend a Saturday.
I love it, but I’m glad it’s almost over.

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