A few weeks ago, I walked into a little candy shop in a nearby town.
And they had something they didn’t have the last time I’d been there.

Gummy butterflies.
Cute gummy butterflies.
Big gummy butterflies.
Soft gummy butterflies.
Gummy butterflies that smelled delicious.
Gummy butterflies in beautiful springtime colors.

I had to have some.


Last week I had a mother/daughter luncheon at my house for my kindergartener, her friends and their mothers.
We put them in a jar on the center of the table and the little girls loved them.
They were gone in a blink.


So I had to have some more.

I mean, think of the potential!
I’m just sure there’s something amazing waiting to happen with these adorable things.
Like, cupcake toppers, or on a cookie…


When I said they were big, I meant it.  Their wing span is 2 1/2 inches!

Last weekend I went and got some for my friend whose husband and boys were going camping so that she and the girls could have something fun to try on their girls night in.

Yep.  Right now they’re my favorite candy.
Except I don’t want to eat them.  I just want to look at them.


Guess what!
I just poked around online a little bit, and found them for you.

Here you can find them in a 20 ounce bag:

Here you can buy them in bulk (5 pounds):

If anyone does something amazing with them, I want to see it!  Enjoy!

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