HH’s Cinnamon Rolls

Also up for breakfast this morning:  homemade cinnamon rolls.

Rather than walk you through the entire experience, I will refer you to my recipe for homemade rolls, as that is what I use to make my cinnamon rolls.

Hopeful Homemaker’s Homemade Rolls

Follow this recipe right up until you roll the dough out into a big rectangle.
Then, instead of cutting it into triangles to form rolls, spread about 1 Tablespoon of softenened butter over the rectangle.  I just use the back of a spoon to spread it all over.


Next, pour 1/2 cup packed brown sugar over the dough and spread out.


Now sprinkle cinnamon all over the sugar.


Next, begin with a long side and carefully roll up.


Continue rolling until it’s all rolled up.


Now you need to cut it into slices.  You can use dental floss, or you can try a shortcut.
I love to use my handy dough scraper Have I mentioned that my dough scraper is one of my all time favorite kitchen tools?  If you bake bread or rolls at all, you’ll love one.
I just press down hard and very quickly to separate the dough.


Continue until all the rolls are sliced and on the cookie sheet to rise.


See how the dough scraper kept them nice and round?

Let rise for 10-15 minutes (remember, we’re using the SAF yeast so it doesn’t take too long) Then bake at 375 degrees  for 10 minutes or until they’re turning golden brown.


Allow to cool for about 5 minutes, then frost with whatever frosting you like.
I used a cream cheese frosting this time.


Grab a fork and enjoy!  These are delicious.  Make some today!


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