I’m Back… Sort of

After giving myself a day to sit, hold my baby, ponder life and growth and so forth, I had to give myself a reality check.  So yesterday I attempted to take care of some of the “normal” responsibilities of a mother which I’ve ignored shamelessly for two weeks.

I put on a pair of jeans (non maternity) for the first time in about 4 months.

I got reacquainted with my laundry room.
IMG_7026 (Large)2
I actually did some laundry (which I forgot about and left sitting in the washer for about 6 hours)!  But hey, at least I did some, right?
IMG_7028 (Large)
I put a frozen lasagna in the oven that was made by a friend while I was in the hospital… and decided to bake some homemade rolls for dinner, as that sounded easier than actually loading 4 little ones up and going to the store.

When I got to the part where you roll out the dough and make the rolls, my newborn started screaming.
I panicked, and made one pan of the ugliest rolls I’ve ever made.  I put the other three in bread pans as fast as I could.
IMG_7024 (Large)
IMG_7025 (Large)
As soon as I had the dough off my fingers, she quit screaming.

I drove my daughter to soccer practice and intended to feed the baby while I waited.  Except it was so hot that I couldn’t wake her up!

I got home and the lasagna wasn’t done yet, and my husband had to leave for a meeting.  Oh well, I tried.  The lasagna was delicious, even if my poor husband wasn’t there to eat it.

Even if the rolls were ugly, they tasted good, especially with some of my homemade blackberry raspberry jam on them.
IMG_7038 (Large)
I got on the phone and worked on organizing a carpool for my 5th child who started kindergarten this morning.
IMG_7047 (Large)2
So right now I have 4 piles of clean, unfolded laundry in my bedroom, a totally dirty kitchen, a clingy 20 month old, lots of ideas about things I’d like to do for our family to help organize us for this newly begun school year, and plenty of good intentions.  We won’t look at the piles of dirty laundry in all the bedrooms, and we won’t talk about how long it seems to take to do things when you’ve got a newborn.  We’re working on it!  I do have one positive declaration to make about yesterday:  I didn’t cry once!  (We won’t talk about how we’re doing on that one this morning)


  • Marian looks so cute! We hope kindergarten is going well for her and 1st grade for Anna. the rolls look great to me! I made some of that dough last night and mine doesn’t look near as good as yours.

  • Homemade jam? Yum!

    You know, I think we all hate the laundry and “forget” about it on purpose…hoping it’ll do itself…one day…I’m still holding out…

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