A Post-Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving means so many things to me…
A day of baking pies, the smell of turkey cooking…
Gathering with family, the table set in anticipation of the feast.

Some of our Thanksgiving pennies scattered on the tables…

But all these things are really just reminders, symbols, of the abundance we enjoy.
Life, health, opportunity, freedom, sacrifice, and people.

It’s wonderful to have people you love gathered in your home.  My husband’s brother and his family joined us.

And his  sister and her family came from San Diego to be with us.

It was a wonderful, enjoyable day, complete with the sounds of happy children playing after the meal.

I must say, though, that there is one more thing that Thanksgiving means to me:
Turkey sandwiches!

The day after Thanksgiving, at our house, is not about Black Friday but about enjoying the lingering feeling of the holiday.  Turkey sandwiches are the best!

The long list of preparations prevented me from posting in advance about the blessings I am thankful for.
This is probably just as well, because I’d have to revise my list anyway.

Today, hot water tops my list of things I’m thankful for.
Sometime during the evening of Thanksgiving, the thermostat on our water heater decided to quit.
Don’t worry, the manufacturer said.  It’s under warranty, we’ll overnight you a new one…..


Hmmmm.  That means we receive it on Tuesday.  It adds up to at least five days without hot water.
Yesterday when I took a 2.5 minute shower and my feet were numb from standing in the ice cold water, I realized that I’ve never been so thankful for the blessing of hot water.

Today we’re getting smarter.  Boiling water on the stove, carrying pots upstairs to mix with the freezing water from the faucet… you get the picture.

I’ll tell you what YOU can be thankful for:  that you’re not the one trying to bathe 8 children for Church in the morning!
(We’ll just say it’s been interesting.)  We’re thankful for electricity and  a furnace that hasn’t quit on us as well!

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