One Step Report #4

Well, this week yielded 57 steps, for a total of 194 steps this month!  Wow.  I feel grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me find so many positive things in my month.  I am grateful for a baby that seems to be back on her normal sleeping schedule, which is a very good thing for all of us.  I’m also mourning (yes, a bit of melodrama here) the loss of my kindergarten carpool this week.  I drive every day from now on.  The mother of the boy we carpool with has a new job and can no longer help drive, so I’m going to give her son a ride home for the rest of the year.  I’m happy to be of service; unhappy to have to load everyone up every single day.  This is my second straight year of kindergarten, and that mid-day pickup is a killer.  Oh well.

A few highlights of the week:

Finishing my valentine ribbon pillow .  It was fun and I’m pleased that I completed it on time.

Today I taught a workshop to a group of people in my Stake on the subject of food storage.  This is my other project, which I haven’t touched since the baby was born.  It went really well and I feel pleased with the results.  I’m also planning to jump back into working on the 10×10 blog .  I’ve got a lot of recipes to add.

Tonight we measured our kids on the board we use to mark and date everyone’s height periodically.  Now I have proof that I am still taller than my oldest son!  It’s always so much fun to see how much they’ve grown, and to me it’s another small piece of our family history.  The experience somehow turned into a contest to find a way to be taller than me, and so we ended up standing in a big circle and all jumping as high as we could at the same time, over and over again.  So silly, but fun and funny too.  Thank goodness I can jump higher than my 12 year old!  I’m pretty sure that in the next year I’ll have to acknowledge him as being taller than I am, so I’m enjoying my small advantage while I can (and wondering what it will be like to look UP at one of my KIDS… that seems so strange).

I spent a bit of time getting started on organizing our basement.  So far to go, but a start is a start.

I switched a couple of things around in my living room (things only I would probably notice) but they make a big difference in my opinion and I’m pleased.   I may post more on this later.

This week I started photographing my collection of vintage linens with the intent to have a fun little catalog of all of them.  I’ve wanted to record them for a long time, and this seems like the perfect way to do it (and a chance to learn how to take better pictures).  The first two are here and here .

Well, that’s about it.  I felt rather grumpy this week, which isn’t good.  Most of the time I was able to swallow it, but a couple of times I was a real grouch, and I’ve apologized to my family for it.  For some reason I felt like the month was ending, and I had somehow fallen short.  I look at my list, though, and realize how foolish it was.  I planned for 31 steps, and took 194.  That is something to celebrate.

Have a great week!

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