Valentine Mailboxes

Mail delivery within our household has certainly picked up:

red mailboxes

Years ago I found these miniature mailboxes.  They’re metal, so they’re sturdy, and I love the color.  They were on clearance, so I bought the rest of them and every Valentines Day I get them out.  Each family member has their own mailbox.   It’s photos like this that make me think “Sheesh!  There really are a lot of us!”  That seems like a really LONG line of mailboxes!

We line them up in a spot where everyone can reach them (my dining room window sill) and all of a sudden my house gets unusually quiet with children scurrying around making valentines for each other.   Instead of the traditional method of putting the flag up for outgoing mail, they put the flag up when mail has been delivered.

Looks like we’ll have a love-filled week.  Hope yours is as well!


  • Krisrten

    that is such a good idea! My two sisters always do the sweetest things, man where do I get some of that talent? And P.S. i loved your post office post. Since we’ve been selling stuff on Amazon, I go there about every other day and I think the people are starting to recognize me 🙂

  • Emily

    I got some of these last year and I wish I would have gotten more! Although walmart this year had some a ittle larger and I am going to clean them out if they go on clearance next week. This line of mailboxes is the cutest thing ever!

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