Vintage baby crib repurposed

It seems that so often when I see spaces that really appeal to me, the aspects I like most are those that are one of a kind.  It’s the vintage item being used in a new way that always makes me sigh.  I particularly like seeing vintage pieces being used creatively for storage/display.

A few weeks ago I spotted a small vintage baby crib, about the size of a bassinet or cradle.  I snatched it up, knowing I would find many things to store in it, but upon coming home I just hadn’t found the right spot for it so it’s been sitting in my studio.  (And much as I love my kids I wasn’t ready for them to claim it for the toy room.)

I have a corner in my studio that has been bugging me:

corner: before

Yesterday I walked in the room and realized that a great solution was sitting on the other side of the room.  I cleared out the spot and wheeled the crib over.  Sure enough, it fit.

corner: after

I took the baby flannels out of the plastic bin and placed them in another flowered tote.  The two totes fit perfectly under the crib.  Whoever painted this crib years ago left a brown strip of wood that sticks out so I put some adhesive on it…

and added a strip of ribbon.  Much better.

A walk around the house yielded a basket to put smaller pieces of fabric in for easy access.

basket of fabric scraps

An unplanned ten minute project yielded an organized corner with more aesthetic appeal.

vintage baby crib storage

Oh that all my minutes could be spent so productively!


  • Krisrten

    I was wondering what you were going to do with that. Looks good. And those are some good finds at the junk sale!

  • Lovely! I do love the white, chipped wood. Good re-use!

  • Faye

    oh i love that crib! lol i would use it for my babies that are due in feb. im having twins and im getting a bassinet to use at first and need a crib next. ive been looking for a small one like that! if you see another (or you change your mind and get rid of it) can you please let me know.. pretty please, with cherries on top!

    ps a lil jealous of the fabric!

  • Lisa

    This is exactly what all my siblings and I used as baby’s plus grand children and great grand children. I am in the process of sending it out for another great grandchild being born. Just nervous about sending it out and not knowing how much to insure it for? This one is at least 65 yrs old that is how old my oldest sister is. Do you have any idea of where it comes from? This is the first time I have seen the same bassinet

  • Jackie

    I have the same crib. It came with a mattress that was made out of strange stuff. We had to throw the mattress out. I was wondering how old the bed was. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet….except for on here.

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