I am remembering yesterday’s sunshine.

I am anxious for some warm days because I’ve got some things to paint!

I am marveling that I’ve now written 201 posts on this blog.  I’m grateful it’s been such a healthy outlet for me.

I am thankful for my husband who has freely shared his time and help with me over the past few days (and our house is thankful, too).

I am enjoying the sounds of children playing in my home.

I am gearing up mentally for a couple of crazy busy days.

I am enjoying watching my baby try to crawl.  When her arms get tired, she puts her head down and scoots on her forehead while pushing with her feet.  So funny!  I’ll try to get pictures.

I am working on a project:

vintage blue glass canning jars

I’m excited to share more!  Stay tuned…

What are you doing today?


  • Emily

    well lets see . today I had 14 kids under the age of 4 at my house for preschool. We had a great time. I acutally love having a lot of little bodies around. I had my friend Sheri stay and chat for lunch when she came to pick up her kids and that was a real treat. I finished my elephant. I returned some things at the store. I took the kids to piano. I went to parent teacher conferences and a school budget meeting. I guess when you list it out like that it sounds like I did a lot. maybe i should do that more often because what i was going to say is : well preschool was at my house and I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished after that!
    Can’t wait to see your project!

  • Krisrten

    I liked this post- that’s why i stole the idea on my blog, hope you don’t mind

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