Wild Thing Quilt Top

My tidy little stack of fabric has been transformed into this:

wild thing quilt top

The pattern is Wild Thing by Thimble Blossoms, and the fabric I used is Verna by Kate Spain for Moda.  It’s still in need of borders, but I can’t remember the last time a quilt top made me smile like this one does.

Let me just say that I LOVE this pattern.  And let me also say that the Verna line is GORGEOUS.   It just might be my new favorite.  Here’s a peek at some of the fabulous prints in this collection.

verna fabric

I love the tulip pattern, and the stripes (above) are just plain happy. That pink swirly print (below) is called Breezy Budding and yes, it’s as wonderful as it looks.  The two-tone green print below the pink comes in several different colors and I really like it.

verna fabric

This collection has the most wonderful selection of both small and large scale prints.  I love the variety of colors, several shades of green and blue mixed with bright pink, peach, yellow and brown.  A very well-rounded collection.  There are about 8 different prints that I looked at and thought how well they would go with other collections and projects.   I love how all of them look against the Kona White.  (Happy sigh.)

verna fabric

In spite of my better judgment, my heart keeps saying to me “I need some.”  Seriously, I’d love to have a fat quarter of every piece in the collection, but this quilt will have to do.  My goal is to USE my fabric this year and not just accumulate it.  This afternoon I’m headed to choose borders for this quilt.   I can hardly wait!


  • Love it! It’s adorable. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! Your quilt is beautiful!! (and your kids peeking out over the top is so cute!) 🙂 Can’t wait to see how you finish it off! So glad you enjoyed using Verna. Made my day to read that. hugs, kate

  • jennifer

    Oh Kate, I’m so surprised and honored that you somehow found my quilt. Your fabric is incredible, and I could have gushed far more about it than I did. I’m all smiles that you would comment on my little blog. Thanks for sharing your talent with gals like me! Jennifer

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  • oh this is amazing. I need to get that pattern. And that fabric. wow.

  • Rachel

    Gorgeous quilt! I was thinking about buying this pattern. Looks like you made the larger version, not the “pint-sized” version. Did the version you make call for charm packs? If so, how many charms did it call for? I bought two of the Verna charm packs and am looking for a suitable pattern for them, but I’m wondering if the prints in this collection are a little too large scale for the “Wild Thing pint-sized” version?

    Also, where do you buy the Kona white fabric? Thanks!

  • jennifer

    Rachel, the version I made is the original larger sized quilt. I would really like to try the pint sized one too. I used two sets of charm packs, and the pattern used every one of them. I am really pleased with how the Verna line looks in this quilt. It’s one of my favorite quilt tops to date. Something about it just makes me happy! Honestly, I think that it would probably look great in the pint sized quilt since the Verna line also has a lot of smaller and medium scale prints. The Kona white I purchased most recently came from fabric.com, but I usually do a quick google search every time and compare prices in case there’s a sale. Also, you can watch the trueup.net site for their Sunday sale posts which list fabric sales both in the US and internationally. Sometimes you’ll see the Kona fabrics on sale there. Good luck with your quilt!

  • Jamie

    How many yards of each color did you use? This is so pretty! I just went to Thimble Blossom site and bought this one and three more patterns! I am still learning so we’ll see how it goes! Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Jamie

    ….I am trying to find some of these colors, and I saw you used the Charm packs but I cannot find them in these colors anywhere! So I am spending my day shopping for fabric online. I hope I find it, the colors are just beautiful!

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