Vintage Tablecloth: Easter Bunny

Covered in morning glories, bunnies and eggs, this is the perfect vintage tablecloth for our Easter breakfast.

vintage Easter tablecloth

A border of bunnies involved in various activities borders the cloth.

vintage Easter tablecloth 2

The center of the cloth is a circle of flowers trailing outwards to the edges of the cloth.

This tablecloth is printed on 100% cotton.  The tag reads “W.C. Designs” and states that it is made in Brazil.
It is really large, measuring 62 by 100 inches.  It has a few small black marks on it, but the busyness of the pattern makes them difficult to notice.

I can’t help but be reminded of Peter Rabbit when we get it out every year.  It’s a fun way to celebrate our egg hunt activities.

I hope your Easter weekend is turning out great!

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • OH I love this! I know your house will be full of energy and magic and delicious food and beauty and good feelings tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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