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We set up the video games in my living room during the holidays.  When we had a large group over for Christmas dinner, the teenagers had a room to hang out in and we still had the family room for the adults, so the set-up worked great.

It didn’t work so well for my white slipcovers, however.  Food, markers, dirt,ketchup, crayon… you name it ended up on the couch, and I wondered if I was a complete fool to go with white.  I always thought it was the little children I had to deal with; now I’m learning that it’s really the big ones who do the damage.  So after days of soaking and washing and soaking some more, my couch is white again.


When I had got the main part of the slipcover white again, I carried it to my washing machine to wash it again.  To my dismay, when I opened the washer after the load, it was streaked with mud.  I took it out and found large streaks of mud inside the washer.  I have no idea how it got there, and so the process began again.  I’m very happy to have this clean!


Some of my favorite vintage linens are used on this couch.  Years ago when I made the slipcover, I swapped out the two cushions and began using large down filled  pillows in their place.  It was amazing how much more comfortable the couch became with down to sink into as you lean back.  On each pillow I use a different vintage sham, and they have taking a bit of a beating as well.  Like the cotton duck that I used for the slipcover, I’m so glad that these cotton and linen shams cleaned up so nicely.   I love looking at the beautiful details in the stitching on these shams and they play well with the Marghab linens I have framed on the walls.


Vintage monograms are a huge weakness for me.  They’re found in so many different styles and are executed so beautifully.  As someone who enjoys making things with her hands, I always marvel at these pieces of work.


I used to want new furniture, and I’d still like it, I’m sure, but as we slowly become a house full of teenagers I find myself walking around saying to my furniture, “Don’t you dare break!  You have to live through these kids because I’m not replacing you for a long time!”  It makes me laugh, but I’m quite serious.


I’m relieved to have restored my couch to a respectable state, and happy that one of my favorite rooms in the house is now back to its usual self.    Today’s first entry in my gratitude journal reads: “Today I’m grateful for Oxy Clean.”  It’s not the first time I’ve felt that way, and it certainly won’t be the last!


I’m off to rescue the pantry from it’s current state of disarray.  Have a great weekend!


Vintage Tablecloth: Red with White Fruit

This tablecloth was one of the first pieces I bought when I discovered vintage linens.  I love the rich, deep red in this cloth.  It hasn’t faded at all and the white remains crisp and bright.  The simple color scheme makes this a cloth that looks lovely year round.

Printed with white fruit shaded by small brown hash marks and black outlines, I love its simplicity.  It features grapes, pears, peaches, cherries and apples.  Measuring 44 inches by 49 inches, it is  a perfect size for the center of my table.

As you can see, perfection is not my main objective where these linens are concerned.  I simply pull them out of my cupboard and spread them on the table without ironing.  There’s no point in having them if we don’t use them, and if I make using them a complicated process then I’ll never get them out.  So we enjoy them with a few wrinkles, and their beauty is undiminished by it.   Spreading a tablecloth on my table is like a breath of fresh air in my day, reminding me to pause and enjoy simple beauties.  Gracious living doesn’t have to be complicated.  Little things make all the difference.

What little thing can you do today, to offer gracious living to your family?

Hopeful Homemaker

Vintage Tablecloth: Hydrangea Bouquets

This tablecloth is another with a center field made up of aqua flowers.  Peppered throughout the center and around the edges are little bundles of pink hydrangeas.

Printed on linen, this cloth has a nice weight.  It measures 51 by 66 inches.

Yellow ribbons wind around the outer edge of the center field, and also twist their way around the edges of the cloth.  My photos don’t do justice to the beauty of this cloth; the yellow is a lovely sunny yellow, and the entire piece is actually very colorful.

There is a small amount of fading in a few places, but it’s hard to notice unless you’re looking for it.  The cheerfulness of this quilt makes it fun to use.

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