Vintage Tablecloth: Aqua Dream

Man, I wish I knew the names of these tablecloths!

I’m calling this one Aqua Dream because I happen to think the aqua designs on it are totally dreamy.  And there is a lot of aqua on this one!

If I could keep only one of my vintage tablecloths, I’m pretty sure this would be the one.  When I pull it out of the cabinet to use on my table I smile with delight.  It makes me happy, plain and simple.

I love the center design of just aqua and white, with a thin pink design between the inner field of flowers and the design around the edges.

And then there are the flowers.  The splash of brightly colored flowers that look like they’re painted in watercolors. Breathtaking.

It’s cotton, the perfect crisp-but-soft weight that all summer sheets should be.  To be honest, I’ve wished it was a sheet once or twice, because if it was, it would be on my bed.  All summer long.

This tablecloth has no tags or manufacturer’s markings on it.   It measures 55 by 75 inches, a fairly large cloth.  It has no stains or marks on it, and is in fabulous condition.

Like I said, it’s my favorite.

Vintage Tablecloth: Kate Greenaway, Language of Flowers

I saved my favorite Kate Greenaway cloth for last.  This tablecloth is named after her book, The Language of Flowers.  Like the book, it’s covered with illustrations of flowers.

The cloth has a blue background, with two creamy white borders.  It measures 36 by 36 inches and is in perfect condition.

This tablecloth is the only one I own that came to me in its original box.

Prior to finding this treasure, I had only seen the Leacock crest which you can see on the bottom left, on the edge of the box.  I’d never seen the company logo which is printed on the top of the box, but I quite like it.  Established 1760.  How cool is that?  I had no idea it was a company that pre-dated the American Revolution.

The four napkins are still there, making this a complete set.

One of my all-time favorite tablecloths, I’m grateful to have this in my collection.

Vintage Tablecloth: Kate Greenaway, Chelsea Rose

The rich coral color of this cloth was what originally drew me to it.  I was delighted to find it still had it’s tag, and that it’s another in the Kate Greenaway series printed by Leacock Prints to commemorate her 100th birthday.

The pattern is called Chelsea Rose, and is a design of flowers and ribbons woven together to create an intricate garland around the cloth.

There are a couple of faded spots along a fold line, but they are difficult to see and don’t detract from the overall beauty of the piece.

This piece measures 52 by 52 inches, a size I quite like.  I also like the wide cream colored borders around the outer edge.  This is a lovely pattern, one I have not seen much.

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