Vintage Tablecloth: Kate Greenaway, Somerset pattern

Next in my small collection of Kate Greenaway tablecloths by Leacock Prints is this small bridge cloth.

Named “Somerset”, it features a farmhouse on each corner, partially hidden from view by the trees.

Printed on spun rayon/cotton cloth, it measures 32 by 37 inches.  It’s small size makes it a nice piece for the center of a table.  This five piece set has survived intact, with all four napkins in pristine condition.

As always, I love the beautiful blue in this cloth.

Vintage Tablecloth: Kate Greenaway, Wellesley pattern

I love the grays in this tablecloth.  So subtle and elegant, they’re proof that everything comes back in style again.  The light gray print of a frilly border on this pattern is particularly beautiful.

This 1946 tablecloth, printed by Leacock Prints, is another cloth from the Kate Greenaway collection.  I purchased it new, with tag still attached, but have since removed the tag in order to launder it.  I can’t stand pet hair.  Like the Cornwall piece, this tablecloth is also missing its napkins.  I wonder if the ladies who purchased these in the 40’s had a hard time actually using these commemorative tablecloths.  Most of my tablecloths with tags attached are Kate Greenaway cloths.

This lovely cloth features a simple border of roses and lily of the valley in a scalloped garland around the edges, with a repeat in the center detail.  The leaves are printed in a soft olive green that complement the flowers and the gray beautifully.

The lily of the valley on this piece was what initially caught my eye.  So pretty.

I love the understated elegance of this tablecloth.

Hopeful Homemaker

Vintage Tablecloth: Kate Greenaway, Cornwall pattern

Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) is one of my favorite childrens book illustrators.   Her depictions of nature and childhood have endured through many years.  In 1946, Leaspun Prints (Leacock) produced a series of tablecloths featuring her work to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her birth.  They are beautiful tributes to a brilliant artist.  Over the years I’ve collected a few of the prints from this collection.

This cloth is the Cornwall Patter from the Greenaway series by Leacock.

It features lovely floral wreaths and a dancing blue ribbon weaving around the double bordered cloth.

I purchased this cloth in mint condition with the tag still attached.  As indicated on the tag, it is printed on a cotton/rayon blend and is approximately 52 inches square.  I only have the tablecloth; the set of 6 napkins were no longer with it.  I find the tag itself very charming, as it is it’s own little tribute to Kate Greenaway.

I must add that my favorite of all Greenaway’s illustrations are her paintings of children.

There was at least one tablecloth printed that featured children.  It is the only picture I’ve ever seen of a cloth like it.  It has been sold for years, but gratefully the pictures are still available in this archive .  Check it out!

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