Quilting Away…

Right now my sewing table looks like this:

I finally found the courage to quilt my Wild Thing quilt.  In 5 or 10 minute segments I’m making progress on it.  So far I’m really excited about how it looks.

Reminder to self:  Next time you think you need to try to talk through a concern/worry/problem, try quilting for 30 minutes and see if it doesn’t save you tears, frustration and a headache.  Sewing is good therapy.

I’m excited to show you the finished product.  Hopefully it will be soon!


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  • Kristen

    Looks great! I finally found someone up here who will do my quilt for me for a penny a square inch. Everyone else charges per the hour ($30) or only go as low as 1.5/ sq inch. And I forgot to borrow your pattern so I can start working on cutting the pieces for the other quilt, but will have to borrow it from you next time I see you. Hope all is well 🙂

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