Repainted Mirror

My 11 year old daughter moved into a different bedroom a few months ago and she’s got fun plans for how she’d like it to look.  Taking a cue from this wall of pictures, she wants a room that is full of color with a grown-up feel.

I’ve had this old yard sale mirror for a while now, and we decided to start by updating it.

The mirror isn’t terribly unique, but it is a good size for her and has a bit of nice detail at the top.

First we primed it, then went after it with some celery green spray paint that she picked, and now it’s on her wall!

We distressed it just a bit, and she’s very happy with it.

I must say that I love what a single can of spray paint can do!  Instant improvement and inexpensive.

I’m not sure when we’ll get to it, but we’ve got a $10 headboard in the basement waiting for some paint and a few other ideas to try.  It will be a fun project to tackle together.  For now, we’re very happy with this little spot.

Have a great day!
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  • Stephanie

    You are pretty handy with a can of spray paint! I usually sand and then paint with a brush or roller then spray it with a clear coat, which because of the steps and elbow grease that requires, I don’t do very often. SO this concept has got me kind of excited to do more. Just curious about some of the details. You said here that you primed it, did you do any sanding? And is the primer a spray too?


  • jennifer

    I always clean the item really well, and then decide if I want to sand it. I’m usually in a hurry, and don’t sand as often as I probably should. On this mirror, and on the bookshelf I did before it, I didn’t do any sanding. The primer is a spray paint primer, as well. Quick and simple! I have a number of pieces in my basement awaiting help, and I won’t use spray paint on all of them, but when I can I do. It’s so much faster!

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