My Awesome Sister

We drove to Denver for Memorial Day Weekend.  It was a wonderful, whirlwind weekend full of family and fun activities.  Our main purpose for the trip was to celebrate the 8th birthday and the baptism of my niece.

She’s my sister’s daughter, and it had been WAY too long since we’ve seen their family.  I’ve really missed my sister, and I was so excited to see her.  Her house is adorable, and it was fun to be there to celebrate Sav’s big day.

I walked into her home and saw this:

Um, hello.  A vintage robin’s egg blue singer sewing machine!  Have you ever seen something so awesome?  Her house was full of garage sale and thrift store finds.  The sewing machine was my favorite.  I wish I’d taken tons of pictures of her house.  Every room is painted a bright, happy color.  Her garage is full of furniture she’s refinishing.  Her kitchen was full of amazingly delicious food, served in her cute collection of polka dot dishes.

She fed a large crowd, and we all enjoyed being there.

Do you like that brown wall lined with brightly colored mirrors?  So cute!  My sister has a real knack for using color creatively.  One of my favorite things was her $5 clearanced votive holder that she painted and filled with brightly colored candy.  Adorable.

It’s really cool to have a super-creative sister like her.  Just being in her home for a few hours motivated me to get my house cleaned up when we got back in town.  May was so grueling that I’d almost forgotten how good it feels to be in a house that’s tidy and pretty.  Her example, combined with my Mom’s, energized me to get my house whipped into shape.

She and my Mom also organized a marathon shopping afternoon for the ladies.  My mom slaved the day before we came so there would be food for the men and children while we were gone.  It was fun for us to be together for several hours.  I enjoyed seeing the different things that we were all drawn to.  We all had some tastes in common, but there were also things we liked that expressed our individuality.  I’m increasingly grateful for both of my sisters and the way they are pressing forward with their lives, even when things feel tough.  It’s such an honor to be associated with them.

Thanks, Em, for a great visit!



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