Somehow, each time we visit my parents, we end up having some unusual experience with wildlife.  This last trip was no different.  Elk wandered into our camp, and they were breathtakingly beautiful.

They were completely uninterested in us, and paused to glance at us only occasionally.  They were only concerned in eating.  I was so amazed by them that I just kept taking pictures.  It was marvelous to be within a few yards of such majestic animals.

I love the way this one cocked his head to look at us.

This shot illustrates how close we were to them.

I marvel that I grew up in a place where sights like this are common.  I remember the morning I woke up early in the morning to complete a drawing assignment.  I opened the back curtains and saw a sight just like this in our backyard.  Guess what I drew that morning?

What a privilege to witness such beauty.

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • good job on the photos. I guess I’m so spoiled that we are so used to seeing them so close that I didn’t even both to take photos. Spoiled me.

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