Morning Landscape

Today we woke up to this.

And I, who usually try to find something beautiful and inspiring in the morning landscape, feel only disgust.

It’s October, for crying out loud!  We still have soccer games to play!

I don’t have time for snow.
I don’t like snow.
I don’t like piles of wet coats, boots, hats and gloves.
I don’t like driving in snow.
I don’t like trying to run life on schedule when snow ruins the schedule.

If I could live winter indoors, just close up the house, start a fire and spend the winter reading, I might like snow. I admit that it’s beautiful, but having to go out in it spoils it for me.  After all, a snowy road is only pretty until 10 cars have driven on it, and then it’s just gray and dirty and slushy.
I am only interested in being a winter spectator.  I have no desire to be a participant.  I especially hate being the driver.   I’ve spent my whole life driving in snow, but I hate it more every year.  This year I’m nervous about driving a monster space shuttle full of my most precious cargo on snowy, icy roads after years of driving a 4 wheel drive SUV that I could trust.  You don’t want to know how stressed I already feel about driving to Colorado for Christmas.

This is ridiculous.  It’s been raining for days.  We have plenty of moisture already.

Yep, I’m ticked about the snow.
And I don’t feel even slightly motivated to fix my attitude.

The End.


  • Kris

    this is exactly how I feel about snow. and I don’t even have to drive in it as much as you. It doesn’t look like that up here in Logan today though, (at least not yet).

  • Stephanie

    I agree! And I love that you didn’t “feel slightly motivated to fix your attitude”! 😉

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