Parchment Paper Winners

Thanks so much for all your great comments.  I loved reading about what you’re grateful for right now.  Pausing to feel gratitude is one of life’s simple joys.

I drew the names using a random number generator and the winners are….

, who wrote, “I am grateful to be working two jobs, while the hours are long I am most grateful that the work is currently there for me since I’m a single mom putting a child through college with no help! I thank god for all that, even for being exhauseted because it means I’ve put in a good days work.”

And Deidra , who wrote, “(I’m a friend of Kristen’s) I’m grateful to be heading home for Christmas. I’ve always loved being home for the holidays, but moving 2,000 miles away makes me even more exited for that fill-me-to-the-top, cozy and happy feeling! And I’m grateful that with my grad student husband we’ve learned to live on less and exercise our self-reliance! Sometimes it’s not fun to sacrifice, but I know we’re blessed for living within our means.”

Congratulations, Ladies!  Please send me your addresses and I’ll get your parchment paper in the mail to you first thing next week.  I hope it will make your holiday baking simpler and more fun.

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • YEA! congrats! How fun, I’ve been out of it so I missed it but I am thankful for a good husband, mountains and when kids are healthy.

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