Deck the Halls… or the front porch, at least!

My front porch is ready for Christmas… garland, wreaths and very long ribbons tied in simple knots.

I’m pleased with the overall feel of the porch.  It makes me smile when I’m backing out of my driveway or coming home.  I love the deep green and the bright red against the white of our home as well as the simple drape of the garland and wreaths.

I hope it makes someone smile and think happy Christmas thoughts when they drive by and see it.  I guess it’s my “Merry Christmas!” to the world.

Do you like it?



  • Kris

    yes, I love your front porch. And I love how you decorate it for Christmas. It is wonderful.

  • Emilee

    Love it! I love your house in general, but with Christmas decorations it’s always extra special. Merry Christmas(time)!!!

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