A Year of Habits, no.1

I would love to type a glowing report of the lovely week I just spent getting started on all the habits I’m hoping to improve in 2011.

I would love to do that.

But I’d be lying.

Here’s how the week really went.

Due to flooding at the elementary school, most of my children had an extra week of vacation.  We should have started getting up earlier, getting chores done, etc.  But we didn’t.  I let them sleep in.  I thought I would at least get up early and have some quiet time in the mornings. But I didn’t.  Our baby, who pretty much quit sleeping on December 22nd, continued her streak.  She wouldn’t nap.  She would sleep just a couple of hours at night and spend the rest of the night laying on top of my head or kicking me in the face until around 4:30 a.m. when she’d finally fall asleep for a couple of hours.   I’d like to say I got up and carried on, but I didn’t.  I got what sleep I could.

The house fell apart.  We did a few fun things, but generally the past week was spent without much discipline in place.  I ended up with a migraine but the baby finally started sleeping two days ago.   Heaven!

So I just experienced a week in the life of what-not-to-do-if-you-want-your-life-to-improve lifestyle.  One good thing did come of it, though.  When we got back from Denver I worried that several of us were on the verge of getting sick.  I just let my kids sleep as much as they would and all of them shook the junk they were fighting, so at least I’m sending them back to school tomorrow healthy and rested.

Except I’m not sending them back to school tomorrow.  Our friends are.  My husband was headed to Las Vegas today for a business conference.  Our friends heard of his plans and volunteered (brave souls that they are) to stay with our children so I could come too.  I’m not good at things like this, but I knew it meant a lot to my husband.  A frenzy of cleaning (with a migraine) and less than 24 hours later… we were on the road.  I’m hoping my kids are good, stay safe, and that all goes well.  And I really hope our friends will still be friends when we get back.:)

As for me, I’m looking forward to more quiet than I’ve had in years.  I brought a book, a project, my scriptures, my laptop and my notebook.  I’m looking forward to the best planning session I’ve had in years.   As stressful as it was to leave, a good planning session will make it worth it.

I’m also starting a new challenge tomorrow which will help me to get a better jump on several habits that need immediate attention.

As for the habits?  The only habit I can honestly claim to have worked on this week is what I’m calling “A Soft Reply.”  You know how certain children do certain things just the right way and you always respond in just the wrong way?  Well, I’m working on a soft reply with each of my children in the moments when their behavior is most difficult for me to feel patient with them.  It’s helping.  I’m liking it.

And there you have it.  A lousy start to a great year.  Such is life.



  • Kris

    wow! I’m so glad you are getting away. Have fun, enjoy the quiet!

  • Brent

    Enjoy the trip! Sounds fun – I’m getting a break too! School was canceled today because of a snow storm!

  • I personally think we need weeks like you had last week where you can just sleep in, relax without having to go anywhere or doing things that have to be done. So bravo to you for giving that to yourself and your kids. I personally loved Christmas vacation just for that fact. Yes, we didn’t get a lot done or accomplished but we rested and just enjoyed being at home together. It was wonderful. I’m excited that you get to have some time away. I LOVE having planning sessions and I look forward to hearing about all you have come up with. You are simply amazing! 🙂 Enjoy your quiet time. Love ya!

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