Quilt Along Progress

For the postage stamp quilt along….

One block done, forty seven left to go.

Question to self:  “You thought you had time for this project because…..?”
Answer to self:  “I know, I know.  But this year we’re going to finish all our projects, remember?  So we’re committed.”

I’m not sure why these strips of fabric are intimidating me.  It’s very easy sewing, but it takes time.  I think I’m looking at that stack, looking at the clock, looking at the calendar, and wondering when I’ll fit it in.  A few at a time, that’s where.

Now this is where this post (and the inner workings of my brain) will get even more confusing.  I started a second one.  Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?!  It’s the Bloggers Block-A-Palooza quilt along.  The first block was available yesterday and there will be two blocks each week, each block designed by a different blogger.  I’m intrigued to try it, partly to see what kinds of blocks are involved, partly to see if I learn something new.

So I sat down for a few minutes this afternoon and put together the first block.  I’m all caught up and it should be rather easy to keep it that way if I give it 20 minutes twice a week.

It’s a twelve inch block.  Instead of going with the fabric collection that the quilt along is using, I chose one that appeals to me a little bit more.  Since the entire quilt design hasn’t been unveiled, it’s kind of a stab in the dark to choose fabrics for each block but I decided to go for a quilt that will have its own look to it instead of making the exact same one that so many others are making.  I hope it turns out well in the end.  I love the fabrics, so I really want to love the quilt.

I’m using the Delilah fabrics by Tanya Whelan and will supplement from my stash if needed.  I am NOT buying fabric for either of these projects.

Off to get the children to bed…

Hopeful Homemaker

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