A Year of Habits, no. 5

” Wherefore be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.  Out of small things proceedeth that which is great.”

Those words have comforted me this week when I felt like I was accomplishing nothing of consequence.  If only life on paper and life in real time were better friends with each other!  At my house they seem determined not to meet.:)

Seriously, I have to pause and say that I’m so thankful for the week.  I didn’t accomplish a fraction of what was in “The Plan” but I’m grateful to be alive, grateful to be where I am, grateful to live each day with my best friend at my side, grateful to be a mother.

This week was another “sick week” with children home sick four out of five days.   It throws things off quite a bit to have them home. They want me to just be near them, to sit and watch a movie with them, and it’s nice sometimes to do that.  Today everyone was healthy enough for our entire family to attend church together – a first in four weeks.  I hope it continues.

My greatest victory for the week was completing an hour of exercise each day, Monday through Friday.  More than once I did push-ups and sit-ups with a baby literally sitting on my head and shoulders, but I did it.  With all the time we’re still spending in the night with sick children I’m not getting up at 4:30 a.m. to do it but I’m choosing to make it a priority and work the schedule around it.  I feel like it’s an investment which I hope will start producing benefits in the near future.

While other children were obstacles to good daily schedules, I am also thrilled that my baby has begun napping again, and sleeping soundly.  She is so much happier when she does it, which makes me happy too.

Last Saturday I cleared all papers off my kitchen counter.  You know, the random spot where the mail, school work, and everything else gets dumped.  I got rid of it, and kept that counter free of paper all week long. YES!  Now for week two.

Today was week two of two different weekly habits I’m trying to institute in our home.  One has been around for a while but we haven’t been consistent since my baby came along; the other is a new idea.  OH, it feels good to just DO some of the things you know you SHOULD be doing.  More to come on both as we fine-tune.

Once more, the daily schedule I want  so much to have eluded me.  This happened in part due to unforseen sickness in my children and partly because I’m dropping some things to add exercise in at a less ideal time of day.  It will work out.  I’ll keep trying.

Discipline, discipline, discipline.  In some areas I have such an abundance while in others I’m terribly lacking.  I’m learning.  Life is good.  Slowly I am learning to quell the voice in  my head that is always chanting “not good enough” with a simple response, “At least it is something.”

Be not weary in well doing.  Keep on going.  Life is good.


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