Heart Decor

While making this fun little craft, I cut out a second, smaller heart to experiment with.

Using this technique (again!) I made a rolled paper heart.  You can see the other things I’ve made with these flowers here , here and here .

Unlike the wreath, this project took just a little while to complete.  I still really like the look and feel of this technique.

Once it was done, I taped the back of the heart to a piece of pink cardstock paper that I’d cut to 8×10 inches.  I removed the glass from a large silver frame and put the heart in.

Right now it’s functioning as a simple piece of art above our bed.

It’s a nice twist on Valentine decor.  Neutral in color, understated, not too feminine, but still fun.  I like the three dimensional quality it has while not being too obvious.  And unique.  I’m big on unique.

I love projects like this.
Hope you’re having a great day!


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