Hello Snow

We woke up to this:

It’s my kind of snowstorm.  As I drove the children to school there were huge flakes everywhere, perfectly covered trees, and NO SNOW on the roads.  So unusual.  I kept telling them to look at how beautiful it is and my ten year old son said, “Mom, this is the first time I’ve heard you say something nice about snow.”

Truly, if the roads were off-limits then I would probably be a huge fan of snow.  I just hate driving in it.  I called my husband and told him it’s the most beautiful snowstorm I can remember and he, too, was shocked to hear me say it.

I guess I need to start saying nicer things about winter and snow.

As I type this I can see the reflection of snow-covered trees in my monitor.  Every few seconds another branch gives way slightly, and a pile of snow goes falling to the ground.  It’s so pretty.

See, I did it.  I said another nice thing about snow.

The depth measured 7 1/2 inches on my ruler, more in some places.

I’m not sure how or why, but we had that much on our driveway, too.  I spent an hour shoveling it off.  The powder was light as a feather, but there was just so much of it!  I looked around the street at all my neighbors who hadn’t shoveled, and they had only 2-3 inches on their driveways.  Bizarre.  My only guess is that with our north facing house, the sun rarely warms our driveway in the winter.  Perhaps our driveway started collecting snow long before everyone else’s did.

Oh well.  It’s beautiful.

As long as the roads don’t get bad.  Then I might have to take it all back.

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • Kris

    crazy that you got a snowstorm like that. It’s been snowing off and on for the last 3 days up here. It will stop for 20 minutes-an hour and then start again. This morning Jake asked me how many times I thought it would snow today. My guess: 6 🙂 The roads aren’t bad here either (at least around town). Enjoy.

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