Lavender + Lemon = Spring

I’ve got spring fever in a bad way.  While my husband and son lament the melting snow (it signals the end of snowboarding season) I’m jumping for joy at every bit of sun and warmer temperatures.  I know it will get wet and cold again, but I’m loving the promise of spring just around the bend.

To celebrate the coming season I decided to make my favorite Citrus Lemon Bundt Cake .  Instead of lemon pudding I added vanilla pudding (it was all I had on hand).  At the last second, I got out my miniature bundt cake pan instead and made 36 mini-cakes.

Then an idea came:  what if I add lavender to the glaze?  Why not?  So I adapted the glaze a bit to make it a lavender-lemon flavor.

Heavenly.  Mouthwatering.  And oh, so cute.  I’ve got big plans for these cakes.

The vanilla pudding didn’t hurt the flavor of the cakes at all.  I love how moist they are, and the lavender flavor is a most delicious addition.  I want to experiment a little bit more with the glaze recipe, but I’ll share it when it’s perfect.

What are you doing to welcome spring?


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  • These are lovely! Did you save lavender from last year? I’m trying to figure out where I can get some now that I lost all my plants in the move 🙁 Can I get it anywhere on line?
    I have this recipe I really want to create and I think you would love it!

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