Yesterday brought several hours of sunshine, and I couldn’t have been happier about it.   I literally ran around the house opening curtains and blinds to let every bit of light in.  Then I played my still-favorite music album and danced my way through the cleaning.  I was happy enough that even my boys’ room seemed easy.  I wanted to go buy flowers enough to fill every empty container I own.  It was that kind of day.

Really, it’s amazing how much more potential the day seems to hold when the sun comes out.  I cleaned much more than usual, got dinner made early, and generally felt on top of the world.   The cumulative effect of cloudy days this winter has really been getting to me lately.  Monday was so cloudy I was fighting back tears of discouragement all day.  The continuing pain in my mouth left me feeling tired and fragile, and my three year old fell and sliced her chin open.  We sat in the doctor’s office waiting for what turned out to only need steri-strips and watched snowflakes fall.  I wanted to cry with her.

Yesterday’s sun was such a gift.  I was driving children to all their activities from 4:00 to 7:30 without a break last night, and it felt SO GOOD to come home from all that driving to a clean house.

It appears the gray skies are back again, which means we’re averaging one day a week when the sun shows itself.  There were many years in my life when I didn’t give a thought to sunshine.  I took it for granted, assuming the majority of my days would be sunny.

Not anymore.   I am grateful, so grateful for sunshine and for how good it makes me feel.


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