A Year of Habits, no. 16

Ok, I’ve noticed something about these weekly reports and I’m guessing you’ve noticed it as well.  They’re great summaries of my week peppered with pieces of my heart, but the lack of substantial growth in specific habits is ominously apparent.  That’s not good.

Honestly, I’m in my crazy season.  Yesterday we had 6 games to attend:  5 soccer and one lacrosse.  They began at 9 a.m. and the last one started at 6:30 p.m. at a field an hour away from our home.  In all, the time we spent at sports events to watch our children compete was twelve hours solid, with one 30 minute break when we were all home together.  I spent so many hours outside watching games with my arms crossed to stay warm as the sky drizzled here and there, threatening to dump, that I came home with a sunburn!  Ridiculous.  It’s the time of year when sometimes the very best I can do is simply live through it.  But I’m tired of just surviving, which is why I set my goals in the first place.

Tonight I’m re-committing myself to work hard at the specific little goals that will help our family function better.  I’m going to work harder at my laundry schedule and try to move through the housekeeping faster.   We’ve been so busy that I’ve fallen off my planning routines for meal planning and grocery shopping some.  I’m going to get back on the ball, change gears mentally, and start planning better meals that can be packed up and eaten in parks while we’re on the run.  I need to do a better job of planning in general.

That said, I must also acknowledge my Heavenly Father’s help in so many areas of my life.   I would be such a mess without it.

We’ve had a special Easter week around here.  Good things happened.  I worked hard to make the holiday a special one for my family.  (We celebrate the Easter Bunny version of the holiday on Friday night/Saturday morning and save Sunday for a holy day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.)  I feel like our family has grown and spent sacred time together.  I hope my children remember it.

Once again, the habit of seeing God’s arm revealed in our lives continues to grow.  I am so thankful He loves me, one of the least of his daughters, enough to work in my life.  I am a decidedly unfinished project and I appreciate the time and attention He gives to my growth and development.

Do you want to hear the latest addition to our miracle box ?  We had a hot water pipe in our basement that was somehow punctured and leaking.  I discovered the leak late on a Saturday night so we put a bucket under it and waited to call a professional until Monday morning.  Miraculously, the hole healed itself.  No more leak.  We can’t find the punctured spot.  Once again we were reminded that He knows us, He hears our prayers, and loves to help us.

I woke up this morning with a hymn in my heart.    He is Risen!  My heart is full.  I am so, so grateful for my Savior.

Hope your week is great (and sunny)!

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