Easter Table

I took some pictures of our Easter table setting and wanted to remember it.

The centerpiece was this ceramic lamb.  I always watch for Easter decor that features lambs as a reminder that Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God, as well as the Good Shepherd.  It’s surprisingly hard to find things that follow this theme, so when I do it’s exciting.

I also used my wooden Easter basket and added a vase of white tulips from my flowerbeds.  The silver goblets with alyssum in them were also pretty.

At each place I put a small card holder.  I chose ten different scriptures from the Old and New Testaments and put one in each holder.  During our meal we went around the table and read them aloud.  It added a nice spirit to our meal.

Remember my favorite vintage china pattern ?  I recently found six pieces of china in a different pattern and color (by a different maker as well).  The overall style and feel is similar, though, so I used both patterns together as salad plates.  I like how the peacock blue and green work together.

On each plate I added a coconut bird nest.  I shared the recipe on this site last week (my sisters and I have started a little project together).  My children loved having something to eat/play with while they waited for the meal to be served.

I love this silly group.  I think this was our best Easter ever.

Life is good.  So very good.

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • Lori Harmon

    Jennifer, your Easter table is beautiful! I have recently been replacing my Easter bunnies with lambs for the same reason you stated. I agree, they have been difficult to find. Most of the lambs I have found are just too “cutsie” which is not the style I am wanting to use. Your ceramic lamb is perfect. I like your idea of incorporating the scripture verses as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

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