I wish.

Today has been a catch up from behind day, full of emails to teachers regarding make-up work from last week, as well as visits to the doctor for immunizations (21 shots, all together, for 7th grade, kindergarten, and the little girls).  We’ve spent time on the phone, time in the car, time with the calendar trying to work everything out for the insane month of May.

This is what I wish I’d been doing instead.  (Notice I didn’t write should .  I should have been doing laundry.)

I wish I’d made one of these wreaths :

and I wish I’d ordered one of these trash cans for our kitchen.  Mine has seen better days.

I wish I’d tried this recipe out for a Family Night treat:

I’m craving lemon.

And speaking of shopping and baking, I am totally in love with these cake stands .

I’ve had this tutorial sitting open on my desktop for more than a week.  I wish I had time to try it.  Along with finishing all the other ridiculous projects I accumulate.

But it’s raining.  And it’s Monday.  So we’ll be doing homework.

And that’s ok.  The above list is just stuff.  Trying to motivate 5 children to get caught up on homework is what life is really all about.  Sort of.  Or at least, I hope so.  ‘Cause that’s what I’m doing!

Hopeful Homework… I mean, Homemaker.


  • Kris

    Oh I have so many things I wish I could be doing today instead of what I am doing and need to do!

  • I wish I was there with you making that wreath. amazing. I wish I didn’t need to spend the next 4 hours cleaning my house instead of painting my kitchen!!!
    I know how you feel. But think of all the awesome things you DO all the time. xo

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