Dreaming of a Lavender Garden

Years ago at our old house I planted some lavender.  I did it on a whim, having no idea how captivated I would be.  Soon I was learning how to harvest it, and then how to cook with it.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

In the intervening years since we sold our home I’ve dreamed of planting a “real” lavender garden.   Instead of rushing to plant I’ve decided to research first and, if necessary, begin the actual project next year (still, I’m crossing my fingers for this year).

These two books now sit on my desk.  I’m giddy about reading them and I hope to learn enough to make good decisions about creating a lavender garden of my own.  I’ve peeked at both books and wonder what kind of journey will follow their reading.  I think the first step will be to test my soil, something I thought I’d never be interested in!

Meanwhile, I’ve got my essential garden (meaning my children) to care for.  Their busy school years will wrap up in the next few weeks and my oversize calendar is already overflowing.  Still, seeing these beautiful books waiting for me is a boost on busy and somewhat discouraging days.

{Long sigh} I miss my lavender and am anxious to grow it again.
What are you growing that you love?



  • I recommend the Utah State University Analytical Lab for your soil testing. They know Utah soils and can work with your local extension to help you understand the results. Plus, they are pretty decently priced. Hooray for extension and land grant colleges. (Yes, I spent two glamorous years of my life grinding dirt there! :0))

  • I would love to know what you learn from your books. Today I planted 4 different types of lavender. I love it too. And thanks to you I love that cookie recipe. I made up a new one too, I’m perfecting it before I share! 🙂

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