A Year of Habits, no. 22

My heart is bursting with feeling today; a summary of this week’s progress is difficult to assemble.

On Friday my oldest turned fourteen.
On Friday my children finished school for the summer.

Today my Grandpa died.

I’m so glad we spent last weekend with him!
And today, only minutes after that passing, my 14 year old son was ordained to the office of Teacher in the Aaronic Priestood.
I’ve cried a lot, pondered, felt my heart burst with pride.  I’ve felt relief, sadness, joy.  And sunburned.  I spent a lot of hours in the yard this week without sunscreen on my arms.  Brilliant.

What is there to say?  We finished another school year, and we tried to finish strong.  There are still a few things I wish I’d done, but we certainly had some victories.  Overall, I’d say our finish was better this year than last, which means we’re growing.

My summer plan isn’t fully developed yet but I’ve spent time prioritizing and praying.  I feel the weight of knowing I have my children to myself for only a few months of the year, and it needs to be time well spent.  Finding that balance between work and fun is tricky with the many different ages we have but I’ll give it my best effort.  There are a number of habits I’m anxious to work on with the children in coming weeks.

Tonight, I really just have two thoughts.  I’m so proud of my son.

And I miss my Grandpa.  So much.


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