Moments to Remember

The past few weeks have been stressful.  They’ve been littered with random challenges and disappointments;  speed bumps that don’t stop things from working out entirely but certainly force us to compromise.

Tonight, however, my heart is filled with joy.  I walked across my driveway in the darkness and looked up:  no clouds.  Constellations littered the sky and suddenly all the frustration of getting children to bed late washed away and left in its place a sense of wonder and of gratitude for the gift of life.

While these feelings are fresh, I’m making a list of all the perfect moments I’ve enjoyed this week.  They live side by side with the frustrations but are worth so much more.

I sat on my back lawn this week with a friend and talked while we watched a robin twice bring worms to feed her babies in a nearby tree.  I think we spent over an hour in this position and it was fabulous.

I lay down in the grass and watched a perfect cloud pass over huge trees while I marveled at the enormity of the sky.

We’re loving the sounds, smells and temperatures that come with sleeping with your windows open.

Today the weather was perfect.  I must list it because too often I complain about it.  This morning I awoke to birds singing.  I read in bed before going outside to plant some bushes in the fresh morning air.  It was pleasant all day long, not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, and none of the rain they predicted.

Tonight my husband is camping with the boys at the Father & Sons Campout.  The sight of my five year old walking out the front door with his bag on his shoulder stopped me in my tracks.  He looked like such a little man!  Watching them drive away in the truck,  my heart swelled with happiness that they all have each other.  It’s so normal for us here, but really, how cool is it to have three sons?!?  And how great is it that my boys all have two brothers?  I just felt so happy for them that they have the blessing of sons, brothers, father.

I finished two books this week.

I planted bushes in another area of our yard.  Sometimes I feel so impatient to get it all done.  The weedy areas seem larger than those I’ve conquered but I’ll keep at it.  We’ll get there.   Just as it is inside, my strategy is “maintain and reclaim.”  So far it seems to be working.   More than that, I’m realizing how much I love gardening.

We slept with the blinds open this week so the brilliant light of a full moon could shine across our pillows.  Beautiful.

Today my baby helped me plant some bulbs in the yard.  She also went with me to the nursery where she insisted on pulling the wagon with our selections in it.  There is something about seeing your child well again after illness strikes that tugs at my heart.  Suddenly she’s so much older:  talking more, doing more, looking older.  It really does happen in the blink of an eye, even when you’re watching for it.  She’s been my buddy and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I had a few moments when the sweetness of my children really struck me:  a big sister doing her little sister’s hair just for fun,  a three year old saying “Yes, mother” when she’s asked to do something,  a son hanging out with one of the little ones.

Yesterday we hung out with my brother, his wife and their daughter.  We had a lot of fun, ate pizza, and had a great talk.  I love them and miss them very much.

Tonight I witnessed a brilliant sunset.  It reminded me of my grandpa.

My husband is my very best friend.  It’s awesome.

This morning I watched my littlest one smell a fragrant peony.  The bloom was almost as big as her face.  I hope I can remember her dainty little profile fitting sweetly into the center of the flower.  Precious.

It’s late and there is much to do in the morning, but before I go to bed I’m going to go lay on my back lawn for a few minutes, look at the stars and enjoy the perfect temperatures.

Life is oh, so good.  I just have to notice these things more often.


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