Celebrating the 4th: Dress up the table

Holidays and food seem to go together.   Every holiday is made festive by adding a few touches of personality to your table.  Over the years I’ve learned to watch for items that will work for many occasions and holidays.  I try to purchase dishes and decor that are one color plus white.  This means I can mix and match for multiple occasions.   I like to challenge myself to see new potential in the things I have on hand when I get ready for a party instead of feeling like I need to go shopping.  It’s so much fun to survey what I already have and be creative.

Vintage tablecloths are a great way to set the mood and my red,  white and blue tablecloths are among my favorite.  I like the aqua touches in this one because they play well off the aqua table on my back porch.  Notice the Pop Shoppe bottles are just red and white which makes them versatile enough to use year round.

I also used a blue and white tray, polka dot napkins in both blue/white and red/white topped by forks that are white with blue stars.  None of these items is exclusively for the 4th of July, yet used together they’re perfect for my favorite holiday.

I have a talent for collecting tiny but adorable dishes when I visit Crate & Barrel.  These small bowls are new this year; again two of them are just one color with only the third having red and blue stripes.  They’re perfect for serving desserts or snacks.

A plain red serving bowl,  white drink dispenser and some American flags complete the serving table.  By mixing colors and patterns it’s a beautiful table.

A few other ideas:  make a bouquet of flags for the center of your table, find some red and white striped fabric and make a table runner, hang stars above the table.  Buy paper flags on toothpicks and stick them in one of your dishes.  If you want to use plain white napkins try this idea with festive ribbon.  I avoid paper plates and napkins with actual flags printed on them; it doesn’t sit well with me to be “eating” off the flag or wiping my mouth on it.

Dress up your table for the 4th of July, even if it’s a simple meal with your immediate family.  This little dinner was just for my husband and children and it warmed my heart to observe how much they enjoyed and appreciated my efforts.  It made them feel special and communicated my love to them.  I hope you find something new and creative to do with what you’ve already got.

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  • Tina

    I have a slew of empty pop shoppe bottles. They’re too cute to throw out but I was at a loss about how to reuse them. Thanks for this beautiful idea!

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