4th of July Trivia

Today is July 1st, and my favorite holiday is days away.  I always host a 4th of July breakfast for my family and some guests.  My favorite activity at these breakfasts is a short round of trivia, centered in American revolutionary history and our founding documents.  Every year I create a new one, print it out, and let everyone guess at the answers.  While the holiday is mostly full of family, food, and fireworks, I also love inviting my family to pause, remember, and really think about the holiday.  I decided to share my 4th of July trivia with you this year, just for fun.  You’ll find a link at the end of this post.

I hang buntings and flags in June for Flag Day and they mostly stay up until the end of July.  I suppose flags and red, white and blue will always remind my kids of summer.  Yesterday we hosted a large gathering and it was nice to have the porch looking festive and welcoming.

I got new planters this year because my last set were broken.  I’m still heartbroken about that; I don’t think I’ll ever find planters I love as much.  Still, the gray is pretty and I always love flowers on the porch.

This antique star has been a fixture at my house for many years.  I decided to prop it among the flowers, and I love how it stands out among the planters.

My fresh boxwood wreath from Christmas still graces the front door.  I have a long blue bunting with stars on it, and tied an enormous bow around the wreath.  It’s dry now, but still pretty, and I’m enjoying it.  We actually had some birds try to build a nest in it, against the window a month or two ago.

A terrible idea, which they quickly abandoned.  It was fun to hear the birdsong RIGHT outside the door, and to watch them.

I set up the table for early morning visits and added pillows to the bench, so my husband can work outside.

We stood to sing all verses of the national anthem on Sunday in church, and  I loved being in a congregation that sang with feeling and conviction.  It was a perfect beginning to a patriotic week.

So my porch is ready, the flags are flying, and the 2024 4th of July trivia is prepped.  There are 2 PDFs for you.  One with questions only, so you can print as many copies as you wish and pass them out, or print one and do the trivia vocally as a group.  The second one is questions with answers.  Click here to get your copy!

I wish you a joyful, thoughtful, and safe Independence day!


Stitching: A. Lincoln


All my life I’ve loved handwriting.  As a child I practiced mine constantly and have always loved studying penmanship and lettering styles.  Combine this with a tremendous regard for Abraham Lincoln and I suppose it’s no surprise that I would love his signature.  Some time ago I decided to enlarge it and see how it would look embroidered.  I began this months ago but finished it up on the 4th of July and am so happy with the results!


I’ve never stitched something like this before, all in a satin stitch.  I love the raised effect of the stitching.


The piece is approximately 10 inches long and 3 inches tall.  I think it will become part of a pillow…

What have you finished lately?


The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  I have a deep appreciation for the Revolutionary generation and the singularity of what they accomplished.  Add to that a love of history (particularly biography) and a life long weakness for the colors red, white and blue and well, I suppose it’s no surprise.


As our family grows and gets busier all the time, I find myself wanting to decorate for holidays but having only a few minutes to do it.  Every summer I look to my vintage tablecloth collection and my flags to bring a happy, patriotic feeling to our home but try to find a new way to use them.  This year I put a flag holder in my scalloped bowl and surrounded it with the vintage paper flags that I scored a few years ago.


It got me thinking about decorating for a holiday.  More and more I seem to prefer using everyday objects, grouped in new ways, over hauling a box out of the storage room to unpack.  And every year there’s a DIY project or two that I’d like to try, thanks to pinterest, blogs, and now instagram.   I’m also trending toward less decorating in general as I try to keep our daily lives running smoothly.  Now I’m curious:  what is your approach?  Do you do any decorating for Independence Day?

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